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Bel-Lago which translates to “beautiful lake”, is the perfect name for this luxurious property. The community is comprised of four distinct Hamlets of 30 homes, with each clustered on 150 acres surrounding a crystal-clear lake. Each Hamlet offers 12 lakefront properties with panoramic water views. And for the equestrians at heart, Bel-Lago features multi-acre farmsteads with their own private pastures. This unique land plan ensures that the home sites offer great privacy with pasture or lake separation. The pristine 600 acres of Bel-Lago are surrounded and protected by over 8,000 acres of conservation land. And much of the property has now been protected forever as “equine open space” pastures which provides a most appropriate component to what has brought many people to this special part of Florida.



The creator of Bel-Lago, Peter Rosbeck, first arrived in Ocala to build a thoroughbred horse farm, but discovered this property known for generations as Blue Bird Farm. The Rosbeck family has been building neighborhoods and custom home homes for decades in Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard. Peter’s two sons currently operate the highly sought after, Rosbeck Builders. When he discovered Bel-Lago, he recognized an opportunity to provide innovative land planning techniques for this unique property, while still preserving the beautiful farmland, with majestic Live Oak Trees.


Bel~Lago is within minutes of major hospitals, schools, shopping and natural recreation. Also, the site is also a preservation paradise with grand-daddy Live Oaks in abundance. Special care is taken to minimize disturbance of the soils and control runoff during construction. Storm water runoff is directed to, and retained on-site as a practical function of the beautiful lakes.

Image by Daniel Obregon


Construction materials and interior finish products such as stone countertops and Zero VOC paints drastically reduce emissions that can become trapped in the building. Urea-formaldehyde has been excluded from carpets and substrates. Fresh air and a high-efficiency, in-duct filtration system are used. Heating and cooling systems are designed to be positively pressurized to stop uncontrolled intrusion of warm humid air. Laundry rooms are equipped with supply/return systems so as not to consume large amounts of conditioned air from the home. The insulation systems provide for HVAC ductwork under air, virtually eliminating mold in the transmission lines. We are preventing indoor mold contamination through the selection of materials resistant to microbial growth, providing effective drainage from the roof and surrounding landscape, installing adequate (quiet) ventilation in bathrooms, allowing proper drainage of air-conditioning coils, and designing other building systems to control humidity.


“Homes at Bel~Lago are at least 40 percent more energy efficient to heat and cool than the traditional method. This efficiency is achieved through the use of a variety of innovative components, such as the Icynene-type Insulation System. These, as well as many other energy saving products, are specifically used to create a lifestyle with a sense of wellbeing.Rosbeck’s innovative group has designed all of the homes in such a way as to minimize natural disaster damage. Hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and termites have been specifically targeted during the planning and construction phases. Their potential impacts have been greatly diminished through the use of carefully designed systems.The Bel~Lago team has taken many meticulous steps to guarantee the success of this project. They established a vision that embraces sustainable principles and an integrated design approach. Over time, the home’s performance can be assured through measurement, adjustment and upgrading. Recent studies show that building with good overall environmental quality can reduce the rate of respiratory disease, allergy, asthma and other symptoms. Bel-Lago has taken great care to assure the occupant’s health in many ways.Materials and interior finish products, such as stone countertops and zero VOC paints, drastically reduce emissions that can become trapped in a building. Additionally, carpets and substrates are free and clear of urea-formaldehyde. Tuscan Home Builders is able to prevent indoor mold contamination through the selection of materials resistant to microbial growth, providing effective drainage from the roof and surrounding landscape, installing adequate ventilation in bathrooms, etc.Great care has been taken to embellish the natural feel of this historic haven. The roadway system is designed to minimize through traffic, the tree-lined access ways guide your guests directly to your home. This design provides maximum security and easy maneuverability. This feature will clearly limit vehicles passing by your home with only the exception of your closest neighbors.At Bel-Lago, you truly have your choice when it comes to scenery. The horse-oriented areas are dedicated to recreational equine activity and set apart from the homes. The small, private stables are designed to blend with the homes. Just envision riding your own horses beneath the stunning majestic oak trees of Bel-Lago. The trail network, when development concludes, will provide more than seven miles of manicured, fenced trails. Every private farmstead provides direct access to this trail system, which will be maintained for your safe riding pleasure.Acquiring a new home at Bel-Lago is easy. With numerous house plans and designs to walk through, purchasing your dream home has never been more of an experience. “As you turn into the entranceway of Bel~Lago, you’ll instantly get a flavor for what Bel-Lago’s architecture is all about. It’s about roof colors, bracketed overhangs, warm tones of wood, and landscaping.”Bel~Lago is situated convenient to one of the fastest growing corridors in the United States. It’s also right across the street from a recently refurbished 18-hole golf course and only a few miles away from crystal clear springs and blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico.


Bel~Lago has been designed to blend natural lighting with high efficiency general use as well as task lighting to provide a complimentary light spectrum that fits the needs of the homeowners. Additionally, all appliances are all Energy Star rated.


The Bel~Lago community embodies many unique features designed to maximize your security, privacy and well being. As one enters the stone archway of the gatehouse, a friendly face greets residents and visitors. The gate attendant will handle your mail & packages while keeping you and your family safe. Designed to minimize traffic which clearly limits vehicles passing by your home with the exception of your closest neighbors.


Homes at Bel~Lago are more energy efficient to heat and cool. These measures are achieved through the use of a variety of innovative components including The Icynene Insulation System®, high SEER heat pumps, sealed HVAC ducts and low E glazed windows. These products were specifically used to create a synergistic system that not only performs more efficiently but also provides a more comfortable living environment.

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